Hemp Bird Food (1 Box/12 suets/$1.50 each)

SKU: 10008

Our Heritage Hemp Co. Wild Bird Suet is one of a kind. Inspired by the bird food companies that testified against the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937 (which began the ultimate decline of the antebellum hemp industry), Heritage Hemp Co. has produced a wild bird suet approved by the University of Kentucky as a commercial animal feed. Your birds will love the rich, ground hemp seed mixed with peanut butter and sunflower seeds. Don't worry, our suets are made with vegetable shortening so it keeps longer, however, we suggest storing in a cool place and placing the suet in feeders out of direct sunlight (especially during mid-summer.)


* Includes FIVE (12) Heritage Hemp Co. Wild Bird Suets.


All of our products, including Heritage Hemp Co. Wild Bird Suet, are certified Kentucky Proud and are made from hemp crops grown and processed by participants operating under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, authorized under the 2014 Farm Bill.


Your purchase helps prove the economic viability of domestically grown hemp crops here in Kentucky, and across the United States. We contribute a percentage of all online orders to the Kentucky Hemp Heritage Alliance and the Heritage Hemp Trail! You can also find our products at participating locations on the Heritage Hemp Trail. For more information, visit heritagehemptrail.com.


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